Who we are

We are a UK based property investment service, working globally with property investors. We are a forward-looking business based on traditional values

We find, analyse, conduct due diligence on, package, and present property deals to sell to investors.

We make sure we’re always at the forefront of the property market by investing much time and effort in keeping up to date with ever-changing tenancy laws and government legislation.

Our attention to detail, conscientious attitude, and experience enables the resources and skills needed to deliver the kind of services investors, agents, sellers and landlords need.

What we do

There are three main components to our business;

Our expert property brokers help you plan your investment journey and provide a peace-of-mind ‘done-for-you’ service that includes:

  • Finding and negotiating world-class investments
  • Organising solicitors and mortgages
  • Coordinating and delivering property purchases
  • Planning, arranging and overseeing refurbishments
  • Tenanting and managing properties and property portfolios

We try to make buying or selling as seamless as possible by making sure a dedicated property consultant is always on hand throughout the process.

Our unique end-to-end approach, from sourcing, due diligence, financing and acquisition to ongoing management and resale, delivered by an experienced team of real estate and investment professionals, untangles the complexities and complications of property investment.

On our website, you’ll find essential and useful information about property investing. We also have descriptions of the services we provide, and details of investment opportunities we currently have available. And, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch and let us know.

Who we help

We provide services for global investors looking for UK property deals like Below Market Value opportunities, developing HMO and SA portfolios, Title splits, and major developments.

Whether you’re selling or buying, a landlord seeking quality tenants, or a tenant searching for a home we can help.

With our experienced, professional, friendly staff and extensive local knowledge, we can offer you an unbeatable service.

Why Choose Us?

Do you have funds sitting in a bank account, losing its buying power due to inflation?

Do you want to get that money working for you?

Are you eager to get into property investing, but afraid of making mistakes and losing your hard-earned money?

Are you afraid to ask for investment advice, worried about the advice you receive or feel like you’re not getting any advice at all?

Does the level of complexity involved in the real estate investment process hold you back from developing your portfolio?

An All Too Familiar Scenario

For us, these questions form an all too familiar scenario.

What often puts people off when they are seeking investment advice and assistance is being sold an ‘off-the-shelf’ or ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. In our experience, such a solution doesn’t exist.  Trying to jury-rig the same solution for every property investment portfolio is, to put it mildly, a fool’s errand.

You Are Our Job

We believe it’s our job to take care of you and provide advice tailored to you. To ensure our service gives you peace of mind, stability and confidence by providing as much control and certainty as possible over your investment endeavours.

We like to think we’d give the same realistic and down to earth advice, and provide the same service, to you that we would provide to family.

The Good And The Bad

So, yes, we’ll talk to you about the positive aspects of property investment. But we won’t paper over the cracks when it comes to talking about the things that can, and more than likely will, go wrong. Investing in property by its very nature can be a bumpy ride.

The Process

A lot of mistakes can be avoided by having a goal and a clear strategy, so that’s where we start. After that, because we’re all unique, we help you create a bespoke step-by-step plan. Your ‘Financial & Time Freedom Plan’, is designed to move you from where you are now to living your best life – your personal version of ‘Financial Freedom’.

Broadly, we follow a three-step process:


We analyse the resources you have, specify where you want to get to, define the gap between the two, and work with you to plan your journey.


We put your plan into action with UK property investment; all managed safely and securely.

Living your best life

You get to enjoy the life you want with the financial freedom you deserve. The ability to choose is yours; to work less or work on what you enjoy, spend more time with family, or financially help family and children. You choose!

Get Started!

If you see yourself travelling a property investment route, then we’d love to help you get started.  Before you set off, book a free no-obligation property consultation to get clarity on what your goals are, how to execute them, and begin to map out your journey.