How we work with Landlords

Who you are

As a landlord, you’ve no doubt been hit with a whole world of  issues including:

  • Excessive agents fees
  • Voids
  • Ever changing tax legislation like section 24 eating into your profits
  • Tenant issues
  • Late payments
  • Maintenance issues
  • Not having enough time for admin tasks
  • having to consider evction, or evicting a tenant

If you’ve experienced anything like these, you know how much time, expense, and hassle issues like this entail.

What we do for you

How does this sound to you?

  • No commission
  • No voids
  • Guaranteed rent 
  • Long Term Corporate Let
  • Returning the property back to you in the same condition if not
  • Regular professional cleaning
  • Professional tenants
  • No more dealing with letting agents/tenants
  • Garden maintained at no cost
  • Minor repairs and maintenance taken care of at no cost
  • Fully managed at no cost
  • No tenant finders’ fees and no inventory costs
  • No headache dealing with tenants anymore
  • Potential refurb at no cost creating an
    instant uplift in value
  • No need to market property in-between
    traditional tenants leaving and new tenants arriving
  • Daily/weekly inspections
  • Hassle free
  • Hands off income

As unbelievable as that might sounds, that’s what we do for you.

And, if that isn’t enough, we can even buy your property… and we won’t charge you a penny!

How we work with you

We’ll get together and discuss what it is you’re looking to achieve and package your property accordingly. 

You might want guaranteed rent for a set number of years, or perhaps you’d like to secure a buyer at a fixed price.  

Or your goal might be to make a hands-free income by finmding an investor to manange your tenants . 

There are a whole variety of solutions on offer, and ways we can help you achieve what you want to do, and we’ll help save you money along the way.

Want to find out more?

We’ll need to talk, so why not contact us for a chat and to find out more!

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